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Hanoi Serene coordinate re-sculpt at some 10C Yen Thai, Hoan Kiem, a location extremely convenient for all travelers can tour the locations and landscapes of Ha Noi and convenient much more convenient as you can reach the airport within 40 minutes if you want to change a other tourist attractions more interesting. A 3 star hotel in Hanoi, then Serene is the most perfect choice for you, a hotel is always directed to the translation unit facilities and most perfect, pleasing even the most demanding customers. In the scope of activities of the hotel you can find but Internet access points for free room, non-smoking.... Besides, the hotel also organizes a number of fun activities, entertainment, to always ensure guests moments of rest the most wonderful monkey vacation at their hotel.
Blue Hanoi Inn Hotel is located at no. 12B, street, Legs, Holding, Hoan Kiem district, a position quite favorable for foreign tourists move recommended visiting the many monuments of the Capital such as Hoan Kiem lake, Le Thai to mausoleum..... The hotel offers free wifi for guests, reception service 24h, check-out and check-in, fast-out, luggage storage, black customer... Blue however, the price of “nuts”, but always ensure full comfort and convenience for guests who stay at this place. In addition, guests also can participate in the fun activities, entertainment, bridge hotel, to win for themselves or the people the gifts are small but worth celebrating.
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